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One of the first things you will get when you are ready to build a website is the domain name. There is always this confusion about hosting and domains. Compared to a house, your domain name is like your house address whereas hosting is the location where your house is. Whether you are building it yourself or you are getting someone to do it for you, purchasing a domain name is usually the first step. There are companies that sell both hosting and domain name in a package. Most times, the domain name is free. This is good as you will get to save the money every year once you have paid for hosting. However, it is sometimes advisable to get your domain name separate from your hosting company. This is because you might want to leave your hosting company someday.

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When you get the domain, and hosting together in one package, it might be a hassle when you are leaving the hosting company. Godaddy and Namecheap seem to be the best when it comes to purchasing your domain and hosting your website. Purchasing a domain name is very simple. On Godaddy, you just simply log onto their website and search for your preferred domain name. When it is available, you can just follow the instructions and get your domain name. Note that some services are unnecessary and you can ignore them.

A very important factor to consider when you want to build a website is choosing the appropriate domain name. This is because the right domain name makes way for your business. You should ensure that you choose one that is related to your line of business. This goes a long way in doing the marketing for you. Also, your domain name should be short and precise.

Avoid hyphens and other extensions which are not .com. Note that you should not search for your domain name before you are ready to purchase. This is because some people may notice and purchase the domain name before you know it. In conclusion, getting a domain name is very simple. It is important that you know your domain name and are ready before purchasing it. Also, your domain name should be precise, short and pronounceable. In this way, your visitors will not make typos when searching for your website. Always research very well before buying a domain name and hosting your website with any company.

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