Buying domains and redirecting links are black hat SEO?

At times they are or they are not.  It all depends on your intentions, if you directly contact the owner of the domain and buy all their linked domains then it would not be considered as a black hat SEO but if you want it for increasing your ranking in the SEO then it is considered to be wrong.

There are always two sides of story just like that it can either help you or cause you damage. When one purchases a niche related to its main domain, develop it and link it to it, it can boost up and earn you loads of money but if you buy one that is not related to your main one then it won’t be any worth to waste your time and money on it.

Some time’s the expired domains may be black listed and effort you put in your original may all fall because of the old one. You also need to focus on what are you listing for.  Sometimes when one domain is already registered (Check here domains search availability)and it is bought the Google then gets confused and may rank the main page low which causes it the website to finish. Registered domains also create confusion for the people working out there for it. This causes the owner a heavy price that wastes all their hard work down in drain. Google also tracks these sorts of domains and closes them down.

It’s better to earn the traffic yourself, not to get yourself into hot water by buying them for a cause to either get more money or to some other purpose. It’s better to work with better intention’s that would be considered a white hat SEO. Your intentions will help you in getting higher ranks and positions. Some of the broker web pages are worth noticing due to some reasons if they are providing informative stuff to people. There are different scenarios for different people. It totally depends on what people are working for in the market. Hard work can pay off some good quality work and value in the marketing, and it is very common now days all around the globe. Like I said it is basically all about focusing in your work completely and selecting things so that you won’t get into any trouble. If any of the website is broken or you see any damages you can also provide alternative. Some of the websites are expensive but it can be considered as good for helping in damages.

According to this article, people consider this method to be black hat SEO and advise other’s not to use it as it causes them a big loss and not others, and it may give your industry a bad name so it’s better to do work with high quality. This all takes a lot of money and time which isn’t worth it.